Ultimate Detailing – Starting from $179.95


Looking forward to spring? So is your vehicle. Get the Ultimate Detailing Package for the price of the premium. Get that salt, snow, dirt and (that random stain) out of your vehicle!  Get the ultimate detailing package starting from $179.95...


In Ottawa, your vehicle is subjected to a lot of adverse conditions, which makes car detailing more important. Extreme temperature changes. Salt. Dirt. Plus, the normal wear-and-tear of everyday use. Your paint is also under constant stress from the same elements — from the sun, salt, dirt, rocks, and other contaminants. Grease and dirt buildup lead to wearing out of moving parts and excess heat in the engine compartment may cause much bigger problems down the road.  And if your vehicle interior isn’t properly cleaned, that dirt buildup breaks down fibres in carpets and seat fabrics and increases the chances of permanent staining.


Meticulous Hand Wash & Dry
Power Wash Exterior & Undercarriage
Paint Restoration includes machine polishing
Lubricate Locks & Hinges
Degrease Engine Compartment & Lower Body
Paint Restoration
Remove Environmental Residue
Glass, Panel, Seats and Floor Mats
Fabric/Leather Conditioner
Spot shampooing of the stains

Please note: This promotion begins on March 1st and ends on March 31st. We have limited spots available each day and we encourage you to book your spot at the earliest.



This offer is available only at Tony Graham Toyota from March 1st to March 31st. Pet hair removal will be charged as extra cost depending on the labour required, starting from $20.