Winter Tire Storage – $99.95 Only

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting And Clear Up Some Storage Space For You!

Our Climate-Controlled Seasonal Tire Storage Service will:

  • Free up space in your garage/shed/basement – we’ll do the heavy lifting too
  • Protect the tires from extreme temperatures – climate-controlled
  • Ensure a hassle-free seasonal tire change appointment – your tires are carefully measured for tread-depth and then tagged and stored for the season

The seasonal tire swap is not the only item on the checklist to get ready for winter in Ottawa!

Here’s a handy winter check-list:

  1. Battery Test: (Free)
    • A fully charged battery in good condition is a must in Ottawa winters to ensure your vehicle engine does not have starting issues. The chemical reactions required to generate power in a car battery slow down in extremely cold temperatures, and your car requires more current from the battery to start the engine. To avoid a car that won’t start on a cold morning, we run a battery load test to see if your battery has enough juice. We also check battery cables and terminals for cracks.
  2. Brake Inspection: (Free)
    • Our comprehensive brake inspection involves checking the wear and tear of the hoses, brake pads and shoes. The technician will also check the brake callipers, and rotors or drums. Our report will include how much mileage is likely left on the pads, and make recommendations as to when more extensive maintenance may be needed in future.
    • You need a Brake Inspection if:
      • Brake pedals feels spongy
      • Steering wheel is shaking
      • Car is wobbling or pulsating when you drive at highway speeds
      • Brakes are grinding, squeaking or squealing
    • More about Brake Inspection here
  3. Wiper Blades
    • Keeping your windshield free of winter precipitation is a tough job—make sure your wiper blades are up to the task. Most blades are only good for six months to a year, so chances are you need new ones. While you’re at it, you might want to consider choosing a heavy-duty wiper blade specifically designed for winter conditions. Buy the wiper blades from our parts department and we’ll install it for free. A short video by Jonathan Douglas about wiper blades
  4. Filters (Cabin Filter & Air Filter)

    • Check the engine’s air filter by holding it up to a 60-watt light bulb. If light can be seen through much of the filter, it is still clean enough to work effectively. However, if the light is blocked by most of the filter, replace it.  Here JD explains filters
  5. Fluids Check:
    • Ensure all the fluids in your vehicle are topped up before winter. This includes:
      • Transmission Fluid, Coolant, Wiper Fluid, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid.
    • Your regular service maintenance schedule includes these checks.
  6. Oil Change:
    • It is standard to have an oil change every six months depending on your vehicle maintenance schedule. Before winter, it is best to check-in with your service advisor if your vehicle’s oil change is due. You’ll find more information and our prices here 
  7. Check your AirConditioning
    • With warmer temperatures, you’ve been using the AC to cool your car. By Fall, your A/C’s evaporator case, its main component, has been circulating cool air coupled with pollens, allergens and smells. The evaporator case also happens to be a cool, dark, and wet compartment creating an environment for the potential growth of mould and mildew.  Don’t breathe in what you don’t like – get an AC Refresher Service when you come in for your service appointment.
  8. Lights
    • Check the operation of all headlights, taillights, emergency flashers, turn signals, brake lights and back-up lights. If you think your headlights are not as bright as they used to be, consider the Headlight Restoration Service. 
  9. Tires
    • Before you change over to your winter tires, get a check on your thread depth and health of your summer tires. Here’s how we determine the health of your tires:

If you have any questions about this checklist, tire storage, tire health or anything else at all, feel free to get in touch with our service advisors at 613-225-1212

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