Engine Air Filter: Uses and Tips

Air Filter Tips from Jonathan Douglas, Parts Manager, Tony Graham Toyota

What purpose does a Air Filter Serve?

Your Toyota vehicle is engineered for years of dependable service and knowing what your vehicle needs in regular maintenance is critical. All cars contain components that protect them from wear, but these parts need to be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary.

One device that is critical to maintaining your car’s fuel efficiency, ease of starting and long-term reliability is the engine air filter.

What does it do?

If you open your vehicle’s hood, you’ll notice large, black ductwork that takes air from the grille and directs it into the engine. At some point along this ductwork, the air will enter a large cube. Inside here is the air filter.

Your Toyota Genuine engine air filter features premium fibres and is designed to keep dust, dirt, sand, pollen and other contaminants out of the air feeding your engine.

Why is it important?

Dust and other particles can lead to premature wear of parts inside your engine, leading to misfires, low compression and expensive repairs.

Pollen or other debris that is sticky can accumulate in air passages deep inside your engine, again leading to poor engine performance. In extreme cases, this debris can cause your engine to stop running entirely.