2023 Toyota Sienna a standout choice for families on the go.


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If you desire an upscale and adaptable automobile that embraces the newest advancements in technology and eco-friendliness, then search no more than the 2023 Toyota Sienna. Created with striking characteristics and equipped with inventive details, this hybrid-electric vehicle is certain to make a remarkable impression both externally and internally.



The 2023 Toyota Sienna showcases an impressive design, taking inspiration from the renowned Shinkansen Japanese Bullet Train. Its front end, reminiscent of an SUV, exhibits a striking lower grille and wrap-around headlights positioned high up, resulting in a commanding and elegant appearance. The muscular wheel well flares and stylish wheel designs contribute to the Sienna's sporty look. Additionally, the rear of the vehicle displays taillights that seamlessly blend into the sculpted body, featuring thin LED lighting bands that leave a memorable impression.


Convenient Features

The 2023 Toyota Sienna not only boasts a stylish design but also prioritizes convenience. With the availability of the Kick Sensor Sliding Door and Power Rear Door, accessing the vehicle becomes a breeze with no need to fumble for keys or touch any surfaces. Simply wave your foot, and both sliding doors and the power rear door open effortlessly. This sought-after feature is offered on the Sienna XLE, XSE, and Limited models.


Versatile Interior

When you step into the Sienna, you'll be delighted by the abundance of comfort, versatility, and top-quality materials. The front seats are equipped with an 8-way power adjustable feature for the driver to provide the utmost comfort on your journey. Furthermore, Sienna XLE, XSE, and Limited models go the extra mile by offering a 4-way power adjustable seat for front passengers, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect seating position.


In the Sienna XSE and Limited models, the second-row seats take comfort to a whole new level with their super long-slide Captain's Chairs. These seats offer extra flexibility and allow passengers to find their ideal seating position. To enhance comfort even further, the Limited AWD model goes above and beyond by including built-in ottomans that slide back. This thoughtful feature enables passengers to fully relax and stretch their legs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable ride.


Stay Comfortable

No matter where you choose to sit in the Sienna, you can trust that your comfort is a priority. The Sienna LE model is equipped with 3-zone independent automatic climate control, ensuring that each row can set their own preferred comfort level. On the higher trim models such as the XLE, XSE, and Limited, the Sienna goes the extra mile by offering 4-zone independent climate control. This advanced feature allows front-row passengers to have even more precise control over the temperature, creating a truly personalized and comfortable environment for everyone in the vehicle.




Stay Connected and Informed with Smart Technology in the 2023 Toyota Sienna

The 2023 Toyota Sienna is packed with smart technology that aims to keep you safe, informed, and simplify your daily life. With a focus on connectivity, this hybrid-electric car offers a superior driving experience.


Connected Services by Toyota

Sienna LE models are designed to keep you connected with an array of features that include 6 speakers, 7 USB charging ports, a 9-inch touch screen, as well as compatibility with both Apple CarPlay® and Android AutoTM.


When you upgrade to the Sienna XLE model, you gain access to Audio Plus with Remote, which includes a range of services and features. These include Remote Connect (1-year trial), Safety Connect (1-year trial), Service Connect® (up to 10-year trial), SiriusXM Satellite Radio (3-month All-Access trial), and 8 speakers for an enhanced audio experience.


The Sienna XSE and Limited models offer the highest level of audio experience with Premium Audio with Remote. This includes embedded navigation, embedded traffic and weather, and Destination Assist (1-year trial). While XSE models come with 8 speakers, both Limited models and the XSE Technology Package boast 12 speakers, which deliver a truly immersive and surround-sound audio experience.


Apple CarPlay®

The 2023 Sienna offers Apple CarPlay® as a standard feature. With Apple CarPlay®, drivers can conveniently use their iPhone functions while driving. This user-friendly feature enables drivers to access directions, make phone calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy music using Siri®, without getting distracted from the road.

Android AutoTM

All models of the Sienna are equipped with Android Auto, a convenient app designed for Android users. With Android Auto, drivers can easily access and manage their preferred navigation, media, and communication apps using the Google Assistant while driving. This feature comes standard on all Sienna models.


Premium JBL Audio System

The Sienna's Premium Audio System provides an outstanding surround-sound experience with its 12 speakers, subwoofer, and 1200-watt amplification. The Limited AWD includes this feature as a standard, while the XSE models have it available as an option. Get ready to immerse yourself in superior sound quality with this advanced feature.


Rear Seat Entertainment

The Sienna is equipped with an advanced rear seat entertainment system, designed to keep passengers entertained during long journeys. The system features an impressive 11.6-inch display, HDMI inputs, wireless headphones, and remote, allowing passengers to enjoy the 1080p HD Entertainment Center. The Sienna Limited comes standard with this feature, and it's available with the Technology Package as well.


Visit your nearest Toyota dealership in Ottawa, such as Kanata Toyota, and explore the captivating world of the 2023 Toyota Sienna. Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge smart technology and discover an unparalleled driving experience. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your journey to a whole new level.



The 2023 Toyota Sienna sets itself apart by offering an exclusive hybrid-electric powertrain. This innovative powertrain combines the power of a high-efficiency 2.5-liter DOHC four-cylinder engine with two high-output electric motors. The seamless integration of these components delivers not only impressive power but also outstanding fuel economy, making the Sienna a segment leader. Experience ultra-smooth acceleration, ample power, and fewer stops for gas with this advanced hybrid-electric powertrain.


Electrify Your Performance

Enjoy the effortless driving experience of Sienna, as it seamlessly combines ultra-smooth acceleration and responsive handling. The driver can effortlessly experience the power and agility, while still benefiting from the fuel efficiency of the hybrid engine.


Elevate Your Ride and Handling

Elevate your driving experience with Sienna's Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA-K) platform. This innovative platform features a low center of gravity and high body rigidity, allowing for exceptional stability and control. The trailing-arm multi-link rear suspension further enhances the connection between you and your vehicle, making every drive more enjoyable and intuitive.


Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive (AWD-E)

Sienna is outfitted with an electronic on-demand all-wheel-drive system that adjusts torque distribution to match different driving conditions. This smart system automatically shifts torque distribution, delivering 100% to the front wheels during constant-speed driving, while providing a 20:80 front-to-rear split on slippery roads and during off-the-line acceleration. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior traction and stability no matter the road conditions.


Drive Mode Select

Sienna's Drive Mode Select feature allows you to customize your driving experience to suit your preferences. By simply switching between NORMAL, SPORT, ECO, and EV modes, you can fine-tune the performance of your vehicle. Whether you desire a balanced and steady drive, a more spirited and dynamic ride, an eco-friendly approach, or an electric-only mode, Sienna's Drive Mode Select puts the power of choice at your fingertips.


Hybrid System Indicator

The Limited AWD model comes with a 7-inch color multi-information display. This display provides various information, including a Hybrid System Indicator which shows the output and regeneration status of the hybrid system. One interesting feature of the display is its eco-driving function, which is presented in a game-like scoring format. It also suggests the ideal amount of acceleration to help encourage eco-friendly driving habits.


Towing Capacity

The Sienna models have a towing capacity of up to 1,585 kg (3,494 lbs)*, allowing you to easily transport bikes or equipment without having to leave anything behind.

Safety: Advanced Technologies and Enhanced Awareness in the 2023 Toyota Sienna


The 2023 Toyota Sienna prioritizes your safety by offering a range of advanced safety technologies and capabilities called Toyota Safety SenseTM 2.0. These features are specifically designed to improve protection, enhance your awareness, and assist with decision-making in different driving situations. Let's delve deeper into some of the safety features provided in the 2023 Sienna:


Toyota Safety SenseTM 2.0

All 2023 Sienna models come standard with Toyota Safety SenseTM 2.0. This comprehensive suite includes the following features:


  • Pre-Collision System that detects and helps prevent collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles in low-light conditions.
  • Lane Departure Alert that notifies the driver when the vehicle starts to drift out of the lane and provides steering assistance.
  • Lane Tracing Assist that keeps the vehicle centered in its lane, ideal for highway driving.
  • Automatic High Beams that automatically switches between high and low beams to improve visibility, depending on the presence of oncoming traffic.
  • Full-Speed Range Dynamic Radar Cruise Control that helps the driver maintain a safe distance and speed from the car in front, even in stop-and-go traffic.


Pass & Park with Greater Confidence

The Sienna comes with a set of standard safety features that are designed to increase your confidence and provide peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel:


  • Standard Blind Spot Monitor: This feature alerts you when there are vehicles in your blind spot, providing you with the necessary information to make safer lane changes.
  • Standard Rear Cross Traffic Alert: When you are backing out of a parking space, this feature warns you of approaching cross traffic, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Standard Rear Seat Safety: The Sienna includes a rear passenger seatbelt reminder to ensure that everyone in the vehicle remembers to buckle up. Additionally, a new feature called Rear Seat Reminder reminds you to check for rear seat passengers and cargo before exiting the vehicle. These features help ensure the safety of all occupants in the vehicle.


See More. Know More. Be Safer.

The 2023 Sienna provides improved visibility and a heightened sense of awareness of your surroundings, resulting in safer parking and maneuvering experiences.:

  • The Sienna comes with a standard backup camera that displays images on the touchscreen display, which helps you avoid obstacles and potential collisions while reversing.
  • Additionally, the Sienna Limited trim features an available Bird's Eye View Camera, providing a panoramic view of your surroundings by using four cameras that display images on the touchscreen display. This feature improves visibility and awareness and assists you in maneuvering the vehicle safely.

Experience peace of mind while driving the 2023 Toyota Sienna, as it emphasizes safety with its advanced technologies and features. Visit Kanata Toyota in Ottawa to discover more about the Sienna's safety features and gain a better understanding of how it keeps you protected and aware on the road.